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Cliff & The Shadows Tribute

For the Shadows fans among you and for an even more incredible evening’s entertainment, Cliff…As If is also available backed by one of the most impressive and accurate Shadows tribute acts we’ve ever come across, The Shaduows!

Our very own 'Hank & Bruce' (aka Brian and Paul) perform such an accurate and impressive tribute to Sir Cliff's best known band, it's hard to tell the difference. Well, at least, it is if you close your eyes!

As well as super music, this trio offer superb entertainment, filled with all the usual light-hearted fun of the Cliff…As If show but with the incredible sound of the guitars of Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch. And because this is only a 3-piece line-up, it keeps the price small and the dance floor big, as there's no need to make room for the drum kit! (Ba dum bum ktschhhh!)

If you'd like to enquire about availability or prices, drop us a line through the Contact page. Just tell us when and where the performance might be, and we'll see what we can do.

Paul, Will and Brian, our very own Bruce, Sir Cliff and Hank!

Cliff .. As If! and The Shaduows, New Year's Eve, 2012























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