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POPSPEL: The 'Cliff .. As If' Gospel Music Show for Churches and Church Groups

In 1988 Will Chandler had a vision for a show that Christians could use as an aid to evangelism. As a professional dancer, Will began a dance group called ‘The Eternal Dance Company’. The Company toured the UK dancing to audiences and congregations of all denominations, and many churches were richly blessed by the vibrant and very energetic shows. The work of The Eternal Dance Company was concluded in 1992 by two performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London to a total audience of 10,000 people. Some of the music included in the dance shows was that of Cliff Richard and it was during that time that Will Chandler was compared regularly to Cliff in looks.

Between 1992 and 2000 Will’s vision for the show extended to what is now known as POPSPEL and in 2007 the very first Cliff Richard-inspired Gospel music show, POPSPEL was performed for a group of churches in South East London at a Tennis Club. Since then the show has developed and toured the UK and has brought a refreshing approach and a welcome addition to church outreach programs.


Will 'Cliff' Chandler's POPSPEL, featuring the gospel music of Cliff RichardThe Purpose of POPSPEL

To enable Churches and Church groups to hold a Gospel music event that will appeal to the general public; empowering Christians to invite colleagues, neighbours, family and friends to a show that is musically appealing and lots of fun; delivering a most memorable performance and therefore extending the outreach of the church or church group to local people.

The Show

It includes most of the best known Cliff Richard songs like Livin Doll, Congratulations, Bachelor Boy and The Young Ones, as well as a few well known gospel songs. 

The audience is invited to join in with various activities that bring a great deal of fun and laughter. There is an audition for some new Shadows as well as the Summer Holiday conga.

Will also shares a brief word of encouragement to the audience of the love of God.


     Cliff .. As If & Simon Goodall

Featuring Cliff.. As If and highly acclaimed singer / songwriter Simon Goodall, a special Christmas-themed event, 'It's A Boy' is now available to book for a limited number of performances this November and December.

CLICK HERE for more details.


Also a committed Christian, Simon regularly performs at POPSPEL shows with Will. If you'd like to read more about Simon and hear some of his recordings, click on his image below.


The Results

Wherever the POPSPEL show has been performed, many churches and church groups have reported growth in new people attending. These reports have been very encouraging to everyone here at the Cliff… As If HQ and we hope that POPSPEL will continue to be a blessing to God’s church for many years to come.


For some clear, simple advice on how to make the most of a Cliff ... As If pop gospel show for your organisation, click here.


To enquire about booking the Cliff .. As If POPSPEL show, click here















































































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